Automate Operations and Improve Efficiency

MetricStream technology automates critical components of your delivery operations, allowing you to deliver results on time and accurately. By reducing the time your teams spend on tactical paperwork, issue tracking, report generation, and collaboration, you can focus on areas that matter the most to your customers. Deliver projects more efficiently and faster, and gain the inside track to forge long-standing service relationships with your key accounts.

Deliver Innovative Offerings to Customers

As a GRC advisor, you need to lead the way by introducing innovative offerings to the market. MetricStream technology is a solid base on which you can build and deliver market-leading solutions. This helps you combine the best GRC technology with your expertise in delivering GRC services. Build an entire portfolio of differentiators that help you win new deals as well as delight customers and retain them.

Secure Greater Market Share

As organizations expand their business, they also encounter new kinds of risks and governance scenarios. In many cases, they will seek assistance and advice from service providers, creating new opportunities for you. With MetricStream technology as your differentiator, you can win deals over competition and secure greater market share.

Enhance the Quality of Your Services

In the competitive GRC services market, the quality of deliverables can often be a reckoning factor in building long-term vendor relationships. MetricStream technology impacts the accuracy of your deliverables. It automates processes like documentation, data collection, report creation, audit/issue management, risk analysis, and control assessment, automatically eliminating errors that manual interventions may introduce. Customers will appreciate the consistently precise and timely nature of all your work.

Get New Services to Market Faster

Being in-tune with customer needs can make all the difference to long-term customer relationships and high churn rates. This is where the value of an end-to-end GRC technology solution comes into play. The MetricStream Platform can be leveraged to support a wide variety of services and customers. It enables you to launch new services faster to the market, build a comprehensive GRC services portfolio, allowing you to target your customer base more effectively.