MetricStream offers service providers a robust and scalable technology platform to deliver a comprehensive set of GRC services to cater to a broad client portfolio. Our GRC Solutions for risk, compliance, audit, and policy automates and streamlines manual and cumbersome project operations, leading to an efficient and accurate internal process.

Risk Management

Identify, assess, quantify, manage, and monitor enterprise risks for your customers in a highly streamlined, automated, and integrated manner using the MetricStream Risk Management Solution. Its integrated and flexible framework allows you to easily document and assess risks, define controls, manage audits, identify issues, and implement remediation plans for your customers.

The Risk Management Solution also provides advanced capabilities such as risk calculators and risk heat maps for risk analyses and monitoring. You also gain access to training content from an expert community, regulatory notifications, and industry alerts, while integrating business processes to stay ahead of competitors in the service industry.

Audit Management

Designed to help you manage a wide range of audit-related activities, data, and processes for a large customer base, the MetricStream Audit Management Solution provides the flexibility to support all types of audits, including internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits, and quality audits across industries.

It also provides end-to-end functionalities to manage the complete audit lifecycle: audit planning and scheduling, resource management, field data collection, audit reporting, and review and implementation of audit recommendations. Additionally, the Solution’s analytical and visualization tools, allow you to drive smarter audit fieldwork and deliver intuitive, interactive reporting dashboards.

Compliance Management

Help companies manage a range of regulatory and corporate compliance requirements with the MetricStream Compliance Management Solution. This solution simplifies and monitors compliance management for large and complex companies by enabling you to integrate and map compliance mandates and controls in a central framework.

It also allows you to streamline and standardize compliance and control processes, and minimize deviations and redundancies. Graphical dashboards provide in-depth visibility across the compliance program, giving you the ability to proactively identify and report areas of concern to customers in a timely manner.

Policy and Document Management

For service providers who work on multiple GRC programs across industries, the MetricStream Policy and Document Management Solution streamlines the creation, review, and approval of many types of polices and documents using pre-packaged templates and workflows based on industry best practices.

The solution’s federated data model simplifies the process of managing policy variations at multiple organizational levels. It also consolidates policies and documents in a central, globally accessible repository that can be reused by multiple teams. Policies can also be mapped to compliance regulations and controls to help you identify compliance gaps for your clients.


Provide GRC services to your customers’ IT functions or business lines with the MetricStream IT GRC Solution. It allows your customers streamline IT GRC processes, manage IT risks, and meet IT regulatory requirements.

The solution enables you to implement a formal framework for customers who need to rigorously measure, mitigate, and monitor IT risks. It also automates manual workflows and reduces the overall cost of delivering IT GRC services.

Incident and Case Management

Deliver services related to incident capture, exception logging, loss event tracking, task management, and status reporting with the MetricStream Incident and Case Management Solution.

It also allows you to streamline and standardize remediation and corrective action plans for your customers across their enterprise, and leverage powerful dashboards to deliver real-time visibility into the incident lifecycle.

Business Continuity Management

Effectively plan and manage your customers’ business continuity and crisis management processes through a highly configurable and intuitive system. MetricStream’s Business Continuity Management Solution streamlines and automates workflows, analyzes the impact of risks, creates and tests continuity plans, and initiates and manages disaster recovery activities. The solution will also enable your customers to unify their Enterprise Risk Management and BCM programs for optimal efficiency and strong governance.